Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tommorow is monday and I don't really like monday..

Beware! Postingan kali ini adalah postingan galau menjelang senin. Huft.

Tiba-tiba saya mau jadi pramugari. Haha. Di umur segini. Baru mempertimbangkan alih profesi. Too late I knoww, isn't it?

Sudden desire and labil ini kayaknya gabungan dari aktivitas saya hari minggu ini. Too much movies and instagram stalking.

So, I've been following this girl for quite long in instagram. She's Indonesian but live in Hong Kong. She was always in different country every time she post picture on her feed. That's makes me wondering, what did she do for a living that makes her travel a lot to beautiful cities and places in the world? And turns out I'm not the only one that wondering. Some people leave comment right away, asking. And she never replied. And I was never trying to found out cause the picture itself are such candy in the eye you just want to enjoy them without questioning. Until today.
Short story, I finally found out that she works as a cabin crew/flight attendant at one of the most prestigious aircraft in the world based in Hongkong. I read her friend's blog who also a cabin crew. From this friend's blog, I know that she started become a flight attendant at age 24 and been more than three years travelling the world, stepped her feet at 5 continents and a LOT of country. Now that's a temptation!
So, I rush to the airline's website and found that they're recruiting! About age, they only mention minimum age is 18. I read the requierements. Not so difficult I think. But I'm gonna need to take some test that only held at April and the results will come at August which make me can only apply next year. And next year I will be turning 28. And then this awakes me.

Okay, suddenly I feel that I'm too old (or maybe too scared) to start something completely new. This make me sad a bit. I mean, I never really enjoy my job (still, until now). And I haven't found what I want in life aside from my daily routines. And visiting so many places around the world and you get paid for that sounds so dreamy.

If only I could turn back time and got back to 2012 when I just got back from US and didn't know what would be the next. If only I could just shut my eyes off like Tim does at About Time movie (that I just watch this morning) and fix everything back in 2012 and just apply to the airline.
What would my life be? Will I be hapier with my life? Will I be more grateful for what I have? Will I still with my LDR boyfriend right now? hmm..

Question question questionsss..
A lot of 'what if' in my head..