Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leaving California :')


I'm back. It's been a while, i know.
Well, now my life is sooooo much different since the last time I post on my blog. Yup! Been back to my lovely country, Indonesia (ngokss..), since March. Perasaan campur aduk waktu mau balik ke Indo. Seneng iya, sedih juga iyaa. Senengnya karena saya emang udah homesick berat dari awal taun. Udah ngebayangin ketemu kluarga, temen2, dan pacar yang pada kangen sama saya. Heheee.. But, I also feel that sadness, perasaan bakal kehilangan orang2 yang udah saya kenal selama setahun disitu. Well, I was a very shy girl there, I rarely talk, and I thought people wouldn't feel that loss if I went back to my country. But I was wrong. Waktu saya mau pulang, mereka sedih ternyata. Beberapa worker yang deket sama saya ngundang saya lunch dan kasi saya kenang-kenangan sebelum pulang. They were so sweet. :')
Last week I was there, saya keliling nursery naik sepeda, pamitan sama semua worker yang bisa saya temuin. Mereka peluk saya, bahkan ada yang cium pipi saya (that's part of their culture). It made me teary. Bahkan waktu perpisahan sama beberapa worker, saya beneran nangis and so hard to stop it. I feel like I didn't wanna go from there. :(
Office people also made me a farewell dinner. It's a week before my flight. Firstly, I hate that idea, cause it means I would be the center of attention and I hate it so much. But that's a tradition for all intern before they have to go home that I couldn't deny. I was so quiet that night, more quiet than usual. And when that part came, part that Luen (my boss) talked about what had happened in one year, talked about what I've been doing there, talked about how everyone gonna missed me, I just cried, cried, and cried. Oh my, even write about this makes me cry again. And when my turn to talk came, all I could say was 'thank you' with tears on my face. And then they gave me that card with pictures of me and their farewell messages.
I stayed in Luen's house two days before I went back. On last day, he took me to Santa Cruz, visited places I never had chance to see and patiently accompanied me bought some souvenirs. By the way, a month before I left, he always took me and other interns out on the weekend. He's reallllyy kind! 
And when Luen took me to the airport, I cried. Again. No doubt. I hate the fact that I was so sensitive and sloppy! He hugged me tight and said that I was a good girl, that I did a good job, and he gonna missed me (ow yeah I cry again remembering this). That moment, I feel really lucky to have a boss like him at my first working experience. He treat me and other intern just like his daughter/son. He was a boss, a teacher, a friend, and a father. And I'm gonna miss him a lot. :')